Roman Selvester

Maintenant à notre 3e transaction avec Roman, super service, très attentionné et nous as mis en confiance. Sans aucune pression, Roman nous as trouvé exactement ce que nous cherchions et vendu au prix que nous voulions! Merci!!!

Julien Larouche


Roman Selvester

Very good agent, good service and very professional, I bought with MR. Selvester 5 years ago and still living in it and loving it!!!! Thanks 

Lukasz Dudek


Roman Selvester

Roman was really knowledgeable about our 1st condo purchase. He always tried to keep both of our minds at ease as we went through all the finding/buying process. He was always positive, calm, and gave his sincere opinion for every condo visit we made. We bought very quickly and Roman worked extremely hard at getting us a great deal. He never gave up and made sure we got the pricing we wanted for our condo. We definitely want to continue using Roman's services for any of our future real estate transactions!

Anne Marie


Roman Selvester

Roman is true customer-focused professional! Thank you for your excellent service! Дякую.

Vadim Tarasevich